When the coronavirus hit, so many plans were interrupted. The impact was felt by those who were just starting out, as well as those that had a career they expected would take them all the way to retirement. It became clear that now was the time for clarity. To launch the next chapter of their lives they needed to become clear about what was unique and special about them, that they were amazing and had special gifts.



I’ve been a Corporate Coach, Life Coach, Transition Coach, Confidence Coach and Behavioral Analyst for decades. My passion has always been to guide, teach, enlighten and empower people to discover how unique and special they are. There really isn't anything I need to give them. I merely shine a light on what they already have. And that includes you.


There is only one you. Your uniqueness allows you to make your difference in the world. I’ve learned (and it’s been proven again and again), that there is no one, not one, nobody that isn’t special and doesn’t have a unique light just waiting to be turned on.

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You can change your life if you change your stories.

Your beliefs and your power come from the stories you tell.

Some of your stories disempower you and others empower you.
They are after all merely stories.

I am well known for my ability to create very empowering stories so together we will replace the ones that disempower you with the ones that give you the power to be all you are meant to be.


The truth is you are unique and special. There is only one you. Your uniqueness allows you to make your difference in the world. You truly are all you need to be.  Becoming clear about that will change your future.  I can promise that you will see how amazing you are and know that there is no other quite like you.  

My job is not to give you something you don’t have. You see I’m masterful at shining a light on what’s already there just waiting to be turned on. 


I have worked with thousands of men and women from all over the world ages 25-87, and not one of them really knew how unique and special they were. Whether they were new graduates just beginning their journey or seasoned professionals, they all had something in common. They were not aware they had special skills and surely had no idea that their behavioral style and values were awesome. My most important discovery was that each had horrible events, mistakes and regrets from the past that were still with them in the present - taking away their power.  I knew that these were gifts of learning that were given to help them be the unique and special people they were meant to be.  They began to see it that way too.

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I know what it takes to ensure that you discover just how amazing you are.

I am not going to give you something you never had, I am going to shine a light on what’s already there just waiting to be seen and I’m amazing at doing that. It’s a private program, one hour each week for four consecutive weeks designed to ensure that you discover how unique and special you are.

It is perfect for you if:

You can set aside one hour a week for four consecutive weeks
You are interested in feeling confident and powerful
You are willing to invest in yourself

You want to discover how amazing you are
You are ready to create the next chapter in your life



If this sounds like a program that might be perfect for you, please call or email me to schedule a half hour time for us to talk. I know that it will become clear to both of us whether this is the right program for you. 

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Phone: (561) 512-9992




“Alex had given me the blueprint to my personal and professional mastery. Having learned that I’m designed for my life’s purpose,

the program helped me synthesize my journey to my vision. 

I highly recommend the You’re Amazing program”

— Tirzah Gabourel